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What to Do when An Insurance Adjuster Lies

April 3, 2020

Two masked people dressed in colorful clothingDo insurance adjusters have to tell the truth? Common sense says that they do. So does the law. Sadly, some insurance adjusters will bend or even break the rules to avoid paying a claim.

If you make a legitimate first-party claim for coverage, your insurance company and the adjusters it employs are required to treat you honestly and fairly. This duty comes from several different provisions of New Mexico law. The Trade Practices and Frauds Act, the Unfair Practices Act, and various common-law protections set out in case law, such as the implied duty of good faith and fair dealing, all require insurance companies and adjusters to be honest with their policyholders.

If an adjuster disregards this law and misrepresents important information about a claim, the insurance company could be liable for additional damages in a case for insurance bad faith. Consider consulting an attorney who knows insurance law and isn't afraid to hold dishonest adjusters accountable.