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Firm Overview

Guidance in a Complex World

Injury law and insurance law are complex and change rapidly. They can be difficult to navigate on your own. Getting it wrong on a major case could have life-long consequences. You deserve an honest attorney at your side, someone who has the education and experience to protect your rights attentively, creatively, and effectively.

Individualized Representation

Stalter Law LLC exists to provide New Mexicans with the individualized, attentive representation they deserve. Whether you've been injured in an accident or faced abusive tactics from a big insurance company, you will speak directly to the attorney for one-on-one advice and have your questions answered promptly and competently.

A Client—Not a Claim Number

In today's evolving world, the cookie-cutter approach no longer works. Positive results come from full investigation and diligent research specific to the facts of your case. Our attorney will explore all your options and help you make an informed, individual decision about your case. You are always a client—never a claim number.

Fighting for Insurance Accountability

When you've suffered a serious injury or made a legitimate claim under your own policy, few things are more frustrating than an insurance company that treats you like the wrongdoer and delays or denies your claim. Unfortunately, some companies have decided to profit at the expense of New Mexico claimants and policyholders. It's time to hold these companies accountable.