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The Insurance Company Made a Low Offer

April 21, 2020

Keyboard with a blue key labeled "Lowball Offer"Unfortunately, many insurance companies approach claims with one goal in mind: pay as little as possible. They make a low offer of settlement and pressure the claimant to accept it. This low offer could be based on incomplete information or made before the claimant completes treatment.

The claimant ends up feeling rushed, harassed, and confused. Insurance companies do this intentionally because they know that some claimants will take the low offer just to end the process.

Unfortunately, once you settle, your case is over, and you can never go back to seek more compensation. If your injuries turn out to be worse than you expected, you could end up owing money, due to medical expenses or other losses.

That is why is important to work an attorney who faces these companies on a regular basis. An experienced attorney can guide and protect you through the process.

Remember that achieving a fair settlement can take substantial time. It is important to show the insurance companies that you will not settle for less than what your case merits.