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Claims Journal: President Trump Tells Insurers to Pay Unless There Is a Pandemic Exclusion

April 13, 2020

Microscopic view of a virusClaims Journal reports that "President Donald Trump on Friday staked out his position in a legal battle over business-interruption claims: Unless the policy excludes pandemics, insurers should pay."

Trump appears to be taking the position that a "virus" exclusion that does not mention "pandemics" is not a reason to deny coverage. The President's position is of course not binding on the insurance companies. Any disputes over coverage will only be resolved as courts around the country make rulings.

If you have a policy that includes coverages for business interruption or action by civil authorities, you may be entitled to make a claim related to the current crisis. Do not take any denials at face value. If the insurance company refuses to pay, review your policy with an insurance attorney.